Here is a video of my game that I’ve been working on in my free time. I’m solo developing it so I’m using some plugins/content packages from the Unreal Marketplace. (mostly to handle the programming). In this video I started using Substance Source Materials along with the new Material Layers to texture the whole scene. The video seems to be a bit laggy but when I’m not recording my fps don’t dip below 30 with fully dynamic lighting on a Geforce GTX 950.

Looks cool! Got some resi evil 4 vibes to the environment. I found switching to Nvidia ShadowPlay for recording helped a ton.

I did a lot of programming work in the last couple of weeks. I moved away from a plugin I was using for the weapon/hud system and went back to a system I created over a year ago. I fixed some of the bugs I had and I know I still have more work to do.