Cat Commando: Wrong Kind Of Puss

'Cat Commando: Wrong Kind Of Puss" is a small arcade, action game meant as a vulgar joke on anti-cat sentiment.

Cat Commando: Wrong Kind Of Puss

For Windows 10 PC


YouTube trailer: "Cat Commando: Wrong Kind Of Puss" - Copyright © 2019 Jerome Lebel - Release version - YouTube



WASD to move around
LeftCTRL to move down on the vertical axis, SPACE to move up on the vertical axis
J or NUMPAD1 to fire to the left
K or NUMPAD2 to fire to the right
Esc to quit the game
P to pause the game
R to restart the game

  1. GOAL

Survive the waves of enemies for 5 minutes to win the game.

At the beginning of each wave, you will hear a sound which indicates the spawning of health packs. Check the top right corner of the play area for health packs.
These health packs always appear at the same intervals, pick them up and stock up on health!


“Cat Commando: Wrong Kind Of Puss” Copyright© 2019 Jerome Lebel

Jerome Lebel: Blueprint scripts, art, music, sound and design

Made with Dell Windows 10 PC, Samsung Android phone, GIMP, Cockos REAPER, Unreal Engine 4.