Cat Commando: Canine Attack released for free on

Download for free here: Cat Commando: Canine Attack by feline78

WARNING: this game has sensitive language and graphic violence

Cat Commando: Canine Attack

This game is made as a joke on the ancestral hostility between cats and dogs.

A completely solo project made in about 1 week total by myself. I created everything except for animal sound samples (tiger noises, cat noises, dog noises - all taken from YouTube)

I may make this a better game with upcoming updates.


Evil Canine Skull and his canine buddies have abducted your feline friend. Fight back to save him from a very painful death! Enemies have A LOT of health points so keep shooting!

You have unlimited ammo for your assault rifle and unlimited tiger shields (that last onscreen for about 2 seconds then are available to be called up again).

v1.1.0 Copyright 2020 Jerome Lebel. All art assets (sprites, images, music, sound effects (EXCEPT: tiger noises, cat noises, dog noises (those are taken from YouTube videos))), writing, game design and Blueprint scripts by Jerome Lebel.

Made with desktop Dell Inspiron Windows 10 PC
Unreal Engine 4 (v4.25)
Pro Motion NG
Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio
Various VSTis
Street picture taken with Samsung J Series Android phone

I updated the game to v1.2.0 to fix the final boss “Evil Canine Skull.” This will make him more of a challenge. I will upload it to very soon (in the coming 24 hours). Here is a debug video:Cat Commando: Canine Attack Update v1.2.0 - I fixed the final boss - YouTube

Version 1.2.0 has been uploaded to and is available now. The brown dog that you have to kill to spawn Evil Canine Skull now gives a warning text when its health drops to 200. You then have to be very careful and pick your shots, use the tiger shield carefully and get out of the way quickly because when Evil Canine Skull spawns, he is coming FAST! Here is a video I made about the updated fight with Evil Canine Skull:Killing the updated "Evil Canine Skull" in version 1.2.0 - YouTube

May 14 2020 v1.3.0 - fixed an important bug that made beating the game from the get-go possible,tuned-up the gameplay.

June 12 2020 v1.4.0 Major bug fix and other improvements
June 13 2020 v1.4.1 Small bug fixes and tunings

Latest version available for free: Cat Commando: Canine Attack by feline78

Latest version (v1.4.1) playthrough