CastToMyCharacter Does Not Exist in the List

I am trying to follow these instructions:

but there is nothing available in the list that is called “Cast To MyCharacter”

I did find “Cast ToCharacter” Is that going to work? Why is the designated element missing from the editor?

“MyCharacter” is just what we named the Character derived Blueprint. So it’s really “Cast to [You character blueprint]”. Does that help?

Am I right in assuming you use version 4.7?

In version 4.0 to 4. default character was called “MyCharacter”. In 4.7 they’ve been renamed to “ThirdPersonCharacter” or the name of the template + character.
Search in the blueprint folder for your character or look it up in your gamemode. You have to use that name instead of “MyCharacter”. :wink:

Here are the two examples of how it should look like:



Thanks. That is a good start.

Now I can’t create a Possess Node. It is simply not on the list. How do I fix that?

Possess is a function of the controller. You have to drag off of a “Get Controller” node and search for “Possess” then you can run that function from the character blueprint.