Castle Kep Pack just $4 for first 70 customers.

For the first 70 customers only, Arteria are offering their highly detailed Castle Keep Pack for just $4

Remember, Arteria wont be selling into the EU from Jan 1st until further notice, which means customers in the EU wont be able to purchase from Arteria until we decide the time is right, therefore now is the time to purchase any packs you need.

Product Page - $4

As mentioned in my previous post, im waiting for admin to get back to me on some questions, before getting our content on the asset store here.

Thanks :slight_smile: Why will you stop shipping to EU?

New changes have been introduced meaning that as a UK company I have to charge Vat in the EU at each of the 25 member countries individual rates, which is a lot of admin. I’ll have to take a closer look in Jan to see how the new system will impact on the admin side and whether customers in the EU would indeed mind paying Vat atop.
Even US companies now have to charge Vat selling into the EU.

I heard about this, but I thought there was something like a central office so its easy for the companies to take care about all the different VATs. Why do you think about whether customers in the EU would mind paying VAT ontop? They already do, just now everybody pays the UKs VAT, I don’t know how much that is.

The difference now, is that the tilt has shifted. Before this change, if a company earned under 81k in the UK(Where im based), then they need not register for VAT, which was great for small and micro companies like mine, and if a company went over this threshold, VAT would be charged in the suppliers country at that rate, i.e. UK.

NOW… its changed, so now even a sole trader selling $50 a month, would need to register for VAT, if they earned that $50 from an EU country. i.e. No VATABLE Turnover threshold exists now in the EU, outisde of the UK which is ludicrous. Thankfuly HMRC in the UK have allowed the threshold still in the UK for UKbased sales. The EU VAT change is going to put off so many start ups from supplying digital media. This change you see is only aimed at Digital good sellers. Its totally unjust and unfair.

How do you feel in respects of VAT - does it put you off as a customer. For example, you go to the checkout, then there was 20% added to your order. Would it prevent you from purchasing?

Thanks for the interest


For $4 no, but for $140 yes.

I note your from New Zealand so luckily you wouldnt pay Vat. If I sell into EU maybe I would have to absorb some of the cost in the price, rather than charge on top. Hopefully there will be a good solution to this.