Castle Fortress

Hello UE4 community! It is with great pleasure that Infuse Studio now presents to you our newest pack.

Version 1.1

Pack Info:

Coming on June 6th to Unreal Marketplace!
Out Now on our Website!

For Additional Information and Images please visit the product page on our website:



Infuse Studio is pleased to introduce the Castle Fortress pack, a large realistic environment pack featuring modular castle and fortress assets. Structures interiors and exteriors are fully modeled for seamless gameplay. Fortress buildings and castle walls are macro-modular for quick and easy level design. Smaller pieces are also available for extended customization. Complimentary foliage and rocks are included. Scene comes to life with waving flags and functioning doors. All materials are based on a PBR workflow.

Demo level features a colossal castle in the beautiful highlands where the landscape is dotted with purple lavender and shaded by White Pine. Upon the cliffs and crags are perch monolithic towers and walls that wrap the fortress perimeter. Nestled inside lay beautifully masoned monasteries with magnificent stain glass windows. Fortified rooms hide behind large wooden doors and barred windows. The entire scene makes for an inspiring installment of exploration and adventure or an isolated location of conflict and war.


• Modular Structures and Castle Walls

• Landscape Materials. Cobblestone, Dirt, Grass, and Stoney Ground

• Beautiful foliage and rock assets

• Structures, Windows and Doors are grid snap friendly

• Doors are animated. Press “E” to open and close.

• Wind sensitive flag and banners

• Over 200 Assets!


14 Castle Wall and Tower Pieces (Plus tower stairs)

38 Structure Modules

3 Door types. Each complete with animation.

11 Module Windows

9 Foundation Meshes

6 Stairs. 1 stone, 5 wooden

58 Misc Structures. Wooden Battlements, Walls, Bridges, Braces, Roofs, etc.


3 Juniper Bushes

5 Ivy Variants

4 Grass Variants, 2 Long 2 short.

3 Lavender Flowers

6 Pine Trees, 2 dead, 1 old, 3 mature

3 Cliffs (Large rocks)


3 Flags/Banners

1 Statue of Bearded Male in Cloak.

7 Wooden Spike assets

26 Other Misc. Ladders, Wood beams, Chains, etc

Let us know if anyone has questions!

This is gorgeous @InfuseStudio!

I do have a question, namely about the mesh pieces themselves: are they fully closed meshes, such that we can make destructible versions easily, or are there holes? It’s not the end of the world if there are, but it would be awesome if there were closed versions so that we could easily make destructible meshes for use in siege gameplay.

Either way this is a must have for me :slight_smile:

Edit: Derp, forgot to check the screenshot first, looks like most of the meshes are indeed closed :slight_smile: Awesome!

Thank you for your question and interest! We are planning in the future to make a more damaged and broken looking versions of the castle meshes. We are planning many add on type packs that can be used with Castle Fortress easily but also be used as stand alone packs.

I bought the pack a while ago - finally starting to use it…looks great :slight_smile:

Quick Question:
Many of the static mesh assets have a lot of materials on them.

SM_Battlement_Tower_Large has 16 materials.

There are multiple material slots with the same material (M_TrimStone1_Inst slot appears 3 times, 1 for each lod)

Each LOD only uses like 4-5 of the slots…

(It is probably just a result of how the original fbx and lod was imported and might not matter)
But will this have any negative performance impact? - or is UE smart enough to realize slot is pointing to material already loaded?

I tired exporting and reimporting one, and there is only 4 materials but no lod.

Thanks for any feed back