Casting umg button to bp actor? (step-by-step please)

I can’t work out how to get a umg button click event to affect nodes in other blueprints. I’ve tried setting up casting but I continually get errors; I don’t really understand exactly how to find the various nodes required.

If someone could explain the casting process, literally step by step, I’d be very grateful.

What I have set up already is an bp actor which swaps out a series of other bp actors when “home” is pressed. I need the umg button click event to link to the multigate in the actor bp allowing for both keyboard and button control.


In order for umg to communicate with your actor, you need to find it first. Also, home is input from keyboard home key. So if you want to use widget button, create cust event in actor. Lots of ways to access it, but here’s an example: in your umg construct, get all actors of class with your actor as class type, get index at 0 (assuming you only have one) , and set that object to a variable in widget. Then, on click, get that variable and call custom event in actor. You may want to watch the blueprint communication tutorial as well which gives a good overview of how this process works.

Thanks for your help!