Casting to vehicle inside an anim blueprint

Hi fellow Unrealians,
I am trying to get an extending and retracting cable that is snapped to the player from a parked car (otherwise driveable wheeled vehicle). Depending on the player’s distance from the car the cable’s length will increase or decrease. I made a chain of bone for the cable (skeletal mesh) and an anim blueprint to change its rotation so its always aiming towards the car. From the cable’s anim blueprint I’m trying to cast to the car’s blueprint to get the socket location called ‘‘winch socket’’ (aiming point). I don’t know what is the object for the casting node.
Here’s a screenshot from the cable’s animation blueprint
Car is StormerBP

You’ll need to store a reference to the car in the anim bp. If your cable has a reference to the car, then you can TryGetPawnOwner in the animation blueprint, preferably on start, cast to the cable class, then get the stored reference to the car

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Thanks! I ended up doing a get actor of all class and select wheeled vehicle as actor class and it’s working