Casting to player fails



I’m trying to get the Dampener Status boolean from PlayerCharacter1 and bind it into a text in the viewport.
But it’s not working. I tried to create a variable for the PlayerCharacter1 and binding from the Designer but the same problem occurred. Please help. (Dampener Status boolean works fine, I just can’t add it in the viewport)

The warning says PlayerCharacter1 does not inherit from Character. Therefore, it can’t be cast from Character to PlayerCharacter1. Try making it so PlayerCharacter1 inherits from the Character class. (The answer is actually already in the warning message you are getting in the first image)

I replaced “Get Player Character” with the “Get Player Pawn” and problem solved. I saw that warning but didn’t really understand what it was meaning.
After reading your reply I realized my Character was not a “Character” blueprint class, I made it “Pawn” because I don’t need any walking/jumping movement.

Glad I helped. A pawn can also walk and jump, the difference is that Character extends Pawn to provide game specific functionality. I believe the best fit for what you were saying is actually just a plain Actor.