Casting to Level Blue Print from UI


Basically my goal is to have the player access a computer terminal and use the mouse to click on a button. once the button is activated it will open a door in the level.

I am simply trying to add a function where once the player clicks on a Button in a UI Widget that get activated it calls a function in the level Blueprint.

I am having trouble getting the UI and the Level Blueprints to work. One main thing seems to be my lack of understanding for setting an “Object” for the cast.

I have successfully gotten functions too be called via actors but not through level Blueprints and UI Blueprints.

Inside your Character or whereever you create the Widget (make the Widget variable Editable)

In your Widget create a Event Dispatcher and Call it when the button is pressed

Get the refference of the Object that created the Widget and Holds a refference to the Widget. In my Case the Top Down Character I dont know where you created it. Than we bind a Event to the Dispatcher. Start pulling a wire out of the TerminalRef Variable and type Assign that will create the Binding and Event for you. After that you can do whatever you want in your Case play the Matinee.

I highly recommand you to watch this Training video if you have spare time it covers all the Basics about BP Communication Blueprint Communications | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Good Luck and have Fun Coding =)

Yeah that didn’t really work so I found another way around it. Thank you tho!

Mastace Can u Tell Me How U Fixed it ?