casting questions

Hi Im a bit rusty after a few month break from learning ue4 but since picking up a VR setup I am back on it.

In the past I have managed to setup weapons and projectile mechanics on 3rd/1st person pawns easily to fire when i press the button.
But this time Im a bit lost because I have created a vr gun and I dont know how to link the vr pawn and held weapon to make it fire when I pull the trigger.
I think its because they are seperate unlike what I normally do and build the weapons in to the possessed pawn.

or have I got it all wrong and is there a better way to do it.

not sure If I was clear.
but I have a vr gun I pick up thats all set to shoot rounds with a button I assinged ,
but from my vr motioncontroller pawn its not working. , do I cast from the player pawn to the gun or the other way around.

Ok for anyone ever wanting this answer, I found it here