Casting OSC/Midi Variables to other Blueprints

Hello! !

I’m trying to send the data from my OSC/Midi blueprints over to another blueprint that is generating an infinite box with a light around the player as the player moves forward constantly in one dirextion:

I’ve been told casting will work best, but have tried it in many ways and don’t seem to understand whats going on. I’ve attached screenshots.

I have an OSC Blueprint: It’s taking in some of the data from a EEG and converting it into a float value (you can see the values in the debug screenshot attached). I’m sending these values to be stored in variables. I want these variables to drive multiple parameters of different actors/static meshs/materials/lights/etc in my other blueprints.

I have another blueprint that is generating the box with the light around the player constantly as they move forward.

My issue is I can’t seem to reference the variables in my OSC blueprints in my other blueprints! I’ve been at it for hours and just can’t seem to get it to work.

Ideally I want 90% of my graphically elements to exist in my endless_level_blueprint and I want to be able to pull data from my OSC/Midi blueprints
NOTE : (Endless_level_blueprint is not a level blueprint).

Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I’ve watched the whole 2hr blueprint communications by Zach but still don’t seem to understand it. I’m not a programmer I’m coming from a Music Production and Motion Graphics background so I’m a noob with blueprint.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.