Casting Line trace to other blueprints?

Hi there!

I’ve created a line trace in “MyCharacter” blueprints that should collide with actors, and it works just fine.
Problem is when I try to use this line trace in other blueprints.

For example.
The My Character Line trace has a “Set Actor” function called “LookingAtObject” that identifies the object you’re looking at. (Public function)
But if i go to my “Door blueprint” and make a reference to my character and get the “LookingAtObject” function, not only does it not work but I get a massive error report in the log saying "Accessed None “MyCharacter” from node.

I’t worked fine when I had the line trace inside the “Door blueprint”, but it seemed unnecessary to have a separate Line Trace for every single interactive object in the level.

I’ve been at this for almost a week now and tried all I can think of, but no luck…