Casting Issue with Get Player Controller's Player Index.

I am running a multiplayer game where people can interact with each other and NPCs.

I ran into an issue when I tried to use overlap w/components to impact character health. An actor creates many boxes as components that all have healing functionality and are properly destroyed when walked on when the index player doesn’t have max health. No matter who spawns this actor, it only heals the person with the relative index I am using(0=server 1=Client1 etc).

Example: The index is set to 0(Server). Client 1 or Server spawns the actor with multiple components. As long as the server player doesn’t have max health, either the server or client player can walk over the components and heal the server player after the components are destroyed.

Is there a way to point the index at the player controller that ran over the specific overlap component? I am absolutely unsure how to approach this issue. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!