Casting from overlapped actor fails?

so im casting to my procedural level so I can delete it, but the cast fails for no reason. any idea how to fix this?

I might just do the goal inside of the level actor but id rather not.

Your level is a blueprint actor?

yeah. its just a jumble of random instanced meshes.

You can try printing the name of the other actor to see if you are casting against the correct one.

I did, it doesnt show despite it being in its range

The overlap event does not trigger or the name is blank?

Try this on a tick event to loop print the names of all overlapping actors as you try and trigger the overlaps → Get Overlapping Actors | Unreal Engine Documentation

If it is not showing, then check collision settings for that particular blueprint.

yup, its saying the name. just not when overlapping. it must be an issue with the collision box