Casting Doesn't work in 4.6.0

Hello Everyone,

I really love the unreal engine for the blueprints. They are Really helpful to me as i only start to get used to C++. But anyway: As soon as i updated to 4.6.0, i had this bug:

When i try to cast something to my character, i can’t get a variable. However, the old casts do still work.

Old cast:


New Cast:


My Variable:


Am i doing something wrong there? Does anybody have similar issues? I would really love if you would respond to this.

Since 4.6 you have to open the eye and fill the tooltip to find variables from “cast to”

Exactly as Fen said, you have to make it **Editable **(***public ***sounds more apropiate in this case :P) to be able to call them in other BPs.

Thanks. That was maybe a little Nooby… :wink:

Not at all. In fact, so many users have been hitting this hiccup in 4.6 that we’ve decided to resort back to how we used to handle variable accessibility (by ignoring the “editable” setting). So bear with us until we roll out that fix (and spread the word that it’s coming).

For a long winded explanation, you can look to my post over here on this thread:!&p=193690&viewfull=1#post193690

@ Mike, where do we look to see what was changed/fixed in the 4.6 Hotfix ?