Casting Custom Event Does Not Work

I have 2 simple blueprints, one is just a wall that moves in a certain direction, the other is a trigger for the movement when the player enters it. (FYI Im using a blank project, not third person), The wall blueprint works fine on its own but the casting doesn’t work.

I’ve connected the Cast failed as well because the cast always fails for some reason. But even then the custom event does not fire in the wall blueprint. Thank you.

If the cast always fail you will never be able to call the “begin” function. And it’s useless that you connect the cast failed to the begin function node, because if the Engine can’t access to that object it won’t be able to call the function.

After OnActorBeginOverlap try to control if the “OtherActor” is “plewp”, and with a “branch” node in the false direction try to print a message. If you see that message than you will never be able to use the “cast” because the actor is not “plewp”. Hope that you understand what i said because i’m not english.