Casting between menu widget and Character Blueprint


So, currently I have a menu widget which is set to switch to the upper camera on launch. Ideally when the New game button is pressed, I’d like to have it switch to the 3rd person camera, but I can’t figure out a way to do this. I imagine it has something to do with casting, but I’m not sure quite how to implement it. (Sorry, I haven’t been using unreal for Unreal for very long :P)

Here is the view from my Menu Camera (The upper one, excuse the button I was angry)

The Menu Blueprint

My initial Camera switch / setup

Experiencing very similar issues. Did you ever find a workaround for this?


The answer to this fella is simply to add a new view blend for a given character controller on his menu activity.

So for example here the current view from his initial code used when the level started referencing the level placed camera, He will want to add the call to blend in his menu programming where instead of using the level placed camera reference, he then points it to his Character. At that point the camera used will be the one he has specified in his blueprint for the given character.