Casting between HUD and non-character blueprint

Hey guys,

I am only about a week in with UE4 and I am stuck on what must be the dumbest thing. I want to check a checkbox in my HUD after the character has collected an item. Whenever I attempt to cast information between my collectible item actor and the HUD, I get a warning that there is an inheritance problem… How would you guys set that up? All the tutorials I have found are between a character and an actor (like a door), not an item and the HUD… Do I need to cast the information from the item, to the character, and then to the HUD?

Sorry, I have spun my wheels for 4 hours on this issue so I just deleted everything in hopes to get some advice from you guys. Here is the logic I’m trying to implement if it helps:

There is an item > Player interacts with item > Interact flag gets set to true > Checkbox in HUD updates from a non-checked state to a checked state

I currently have the item interaction and interact flag being set inside the item’s actor blueprint

Some screenshots of your Blueprint setup and the nodes in question would really help here :slight_smile:

Of course I post then I figure it out thanks to this amazing person - Creating An Inventory System-#13 Creating A Survival Horror (Unreal Engine 4) - YouTube

I ended up setting an ‘Item Collected’ variable to false in THirdPersonCharacter, casting to that from the item actor whilst setting Item Collected to True (After collecting the item), and then on the GetCheckedBoxState in my HUD, I casted to myThirdPersonCharacter to check on the value of Item Collected