Casting between blueprints

i searched a lot about casting between blueprints but unfortunately all i can do for the moment is getting data from game mode and character blueprint only, can someone explain me what i should do so i get data from other blueprint type, that would help me really a lot.
thanks !

generally you need a reference to a specific actor plugged into the object pin of the cast to get it to work. here though you dont even need the cast since your variable is set to the defined type that you want, this is why there is the note. so given your setup all you need to do is set your variable to an instance (object referernce) of the class newWidgetBlueprint. this is easiest done when you create the widget. so create widget → set widget variable from the return pin.

so to summarize you just need to set your variable so the script knows the exact instance of the widget to get information from. if this was an enemy character you could think of this issue like asking: ok i want to get the traits of an enemey, but which enemy?