Caster Weapon 5 Pack

Hey guys, I’ve got a new $9.99 pack in the works. Weapons for magic users is a request I’ve gotten a few times, so I figured I’d go ahead and get a pack out for that. This pack should also be done before the ‘Shield Pack’ makes its way onto the store, but I’ve got some contract work coming up that might push some other projects into my free nights. I made a pretty nice little level for taking in-engine screenshots, so everything you see here will be straight out of UE4 instead of Marmoset.

I’m trying to make the materials for these pretty interesting and somewhat tweakable, so as you’ll see with the first weapon, you can change up the subsurface scattering color and emissive colors of the gem in the material instances to get the look you’re going for. As usual, I’m pretty open to suggestion, so if you really have a need for a certain type of weapon just post it up and it might make its way into this pack. As it stands, I’d like to do a staff or three, the scepter you see here, and maybe a wand.

First up is this thing I’m calling an “Elemental Scepter.” More of it here:





I’m really interested in this pack (once again :p).

What price range you’re considering?

Regarding what I would like to see in here: Wand, Scepter, Staff, Orb, Scroll, Tome, Book.

Good luck and have fun with this pack!

Hey, thanks @Yun-Kun! This pack will also be $9.99. I should amend that to the main post, haha. I hadn’t considered an orb or spell tome, but those could be really fun!

I’m going to try and kick most of this pack out this week after work, so I’ll keep you posted!

Very solid work, MFZ! :slight_smile:

Hey thanks @Reubitron! I’m glad you think so!

Looks good. Looking forward to it.

Well, I finally scratched out some time to finish the next weapon. I’ve been pretty busy with contract work here lately, but I have a scheduling hole for part of this week so I’m trying to get a few things wrapped up.

This staff stylistically pairs with the scepter, and I’m pretty happy with how the customizable material instances are working with it. I don’t know how soon I’ll have time to wrap up the next three weapons, but I’ll keep you guys posted.



An idea for another cool scepter would be (basically) the same models as above, but with the… horns? duplicated and rotated 90 degrees, with a “ball of particles” for a magic effect in the center.

Is this still in development?

Hey [MENTION=59677]J.C. Smith[/MENTION] it is, but I’ve just not had any time to put towards it in the past few months.

If I cannot find the time to wrap it up in the next month or so, I’ll release the currently finished assets for free! :slight_smile:

Okay. Well you have at least one person looking forward to them. =) Would be willing to purchase them piecemail if you decide to do so.

Will it be only the mesh, or will it contain a skeletal mesh :]

I’m thinking this project may be abandoned. If anyone knows of any similar models out there send me a PM I did like the work here and it’s tough to find good wands or staves.