cast variables to hud using actor class

hello guys, I’m not able to make my ui recover variable depending on which actor is active, I haven’t learned it yet and I don’t know how to research it
with the images you will have an idea of ​​what I am trying to do

in this image I have an Actor (mob) and I am trying to send it by a variable to the bp HUD

in the HUD I would “receive” this variable and the hud “would understand” that I want HP and HPMAX from MOB

but that’s not how it works apparently:

I guess this is incorrect because you just set the variable type actor but don’t know who’s actor is it . reference the mobactor itself for you to get the variables you want

thanks for answering so fast

if i reference mob0001 for example it will get only the mob00001 variables, i would like it to automatically get the mob variables in use, mob00001 or mob00002 or mob00003, without me having to do it one by one (mob actor + hud) for each