Cast to user interface

Hello! I’m not sure if this is too little context but what do I put as the object?? I’m casting from my UI and I basically want to get the server name. Thanks for any help!!!

I’m not clear on what is going on here, but if you are using a cast node, you usually need a variable of the type you are casting as the object input.

In the create a match UI the player creates a match and writes in the server name. Then after you start the match you join the lobby. I’m basically trying to get the server name that was written in the create a match UI to another UI.Sorry for being unclear.

Where are you writing the server name? Input Box?

I’ve figured out what to use for the object. I used the create a widget then promoted it as a variable then connected that up to cast to my UI. The only problem now is that it doesn’t want to actually show the text. I tested this on another file without all the internet stuff and I figured out that the problem was that the text doesn’t change. If I have a simple string and set the string equal to the textbox nothing changes.