Cast to ThirdPersonCharacter failed when trying to create respawn for characters

Hi! I was self-learning UE4 recently and was following along some official guides. However, I encountered some problems when I’m trying to let my character respawn. The guide I followed was this:…nts/index.html, but after setting up everything seemingly correctly, my character won’t respawn after death.

I added a bunch of messy print statements in the GameMode blueprint to check which function call failed, and it turned out that Cast to ThirdPersonCharacter failed the moment I clicked start. I can, however, click on possess after I start the game, and the character will still spawn as usual. I can’t find what’s wrong with my code, so I’m wondering if anyone can help me take a look.

My ThirdPersonGameMode blueprint (sorry about all the messy print statements):

Messages shown the moment I start the game:

My world settings, if that matters:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!