Cast To ThirdPerson Character not showing up?

Hi folks, odd issue… it seems like in my node list the “Cast To ThirdPerson Character” node is missing. I already verified my UE 4.26 installation and it seems fine. To my knowledge that node isn’t deprecated either, so I’m really clueless. Can you help? Thanks.

Have you created a class called ThirdPerson Character? Essentially, you can’t cast to a class that does not exist in your project.

Well, it’s a class (and a node) that comes with UE4… Anyway, I found out that indeed it has been removed from 4.26, and now you gotta cast to the game character directly.

That’s not correct. It’s a class. If you have it in your project you can cast to it.

One of the templates - the 3rd person template has this class already created.

It’s just a name. If you create an actor (a class) that is named so and so - you can cast to that class.

Hope it clarifies things.

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Ah ok I see now what you mean. Thanks for the clarification!