Cast To "Target Blueprint"

I’m trying to activate a Field with a simple click, I’m having a few problems.

1.) How do I target the Field Blueprint in the actual Event Graph?
2.) What type of Blueprint should I be using to Target the Field Blueprint?
3) How does the Field Blueprint target the actual Sphere to animate the action?

I would still need to target an Object, how do I target the Magnitude Field through the BP_cluster, if that’s what I need to target in the first place?

EDIT: I managed to target the Object Actor from the blueprint, not sure if this will work. Like I said above, the BP_cluster isn’t targeting the ball itself so it just falls. I need to rig the ball to the BP_cluster to see if it actually works.

In the example, the blueprint targets “Target Blueprint” in Actor form, when I do this in the Player BP, it doesn’t work.

I have BPI implemented on both the Character and Field Actor Classes, the event still isn’t being triggered.