Cast to problem within a dialog system

Hey guys,

I´ve a little problem with casting to another blueprint.

I want to set up a simple dialog system within the third person template.
I created a blueprint interface and duplicate the third person character, named “interact” (it´s the actor I want to talk to, without ai controller or something else…).
If I want to send informations from the third person character (player) to the interact character,
I use “player character” as object on “Cast To ThirdPersonCharacter”
But what should I use as object if I want to send informations from the “interact character” to the “third person character”
I hope anyone could help me with this little problem.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english :smiley:
greetings from germany
Janis Baumeister

You can drag off of “get player character” node since both your 3rd person character and your interact character are the same class type.

Since you are in the blueprint “interact” you do not need a “Cast To” to get a reference to the “interact” object. You can just use “Self”.

Thanks, for the fast answer. but cast to “interact” from the “3rd Person Character” doesn´t work with get Player Character as Object… -.-