Cast To Pawn (or Character) from Blueprint fails consistently

I must be missing the most simple of things, but even after hours of searching Google, I’m at a loss.

I am working on the most basic movement of items (pawns and characters) inside my game, and have created a blueprint that I’m using as a trigger. When my player walks over the trigger blueprint, it successfully posts that the walkover was successful. Once that happens, I’ve used “Cast to” my other item(s), and once this occurs, I set a ‘pass/fail’ text to show whether or not this was a success:

I’ve created a “pawn” and also a “character”, and stuck a cube in there so I could see the actor in-game. I’ve made sure that they’re set as “moveable”, as this is what I’m hoping to accomplish once the “cast to” is a success - I want to walk over a trigger, and initiate a move command to the item, so that it appears somewhere else.

This seems like the simplest of things, and I’m honestly at a loss.

Thanks in advance!


Well, it seems I’ve done it once again. I’ve figured out the issue. Thankfully, it looks like I was using the “Cast To” incorrectly, and I’ve determined the solution:

It looks like instead of directly casting to the actor, I needed to get all of the actors in the class covered by the “exit actor” I designed, and then told it to grab the first one - in fact, the only one I had created - and then affect the movement after the fact.

Now, onto my next step! Thanks for reading! (I hope my descriptions help someone out who may come across the same issue!)


I have no idea what you’re doing so I have no idea why your cast isn’t working, but you really don’t want to use GetAllActors when you can. It’s performance is horrible

Are you sure your game mode is set to spawn you as the right character? If I recall, your the guy I made the video for involving multiple keys for multiple doors, so you were pretty new to unreal. I’m assuming it’s not casting properly because your game mode isn’t set up right.