Cast To ... (Other UMG BluePrint)

Hi guys, “Cast To …” I have a problem with the function, if I call a simple function (without the class) it gives me an error when compiling, if I use the function to obtain the Class ( Cast To … class ) that when testing UMG just flies all the time gives a warning …

P.S I do not understand English very well …

You need to provide the object to Cast to SelectLevelMenu. You will need to get a reference to the blueprint you want to cast first, because you’re spawning it in that script itself you can simply store the result of Create Select Level Menu Widget as a variable, and provide that to Cast to SelectLevelMenu

However, in this case because it is already a SelectLevelMenu there is no need to cast it.

Think of “Cast” as a way to interpret an object as something else. It’s not a way to retrieve an object.

I tried as you said, it turns out here such:

All the same, a warning appears and crashes at startup for testing …

You don’t need to cast an object into itself, that’s why you’re getting the warning, just remove the cast node altogether - you already have a SelectLevelMenu as a result of having just spawned it in the same blueprint and execution chain. If you’re getting a crash you should post the crash log in a separate question (it’s unrelated).

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How does SelectLevelMenu know which level the player selected? Can you show us that code? I don’t see why you would need to cast here at all.

Thank you =) I did as I understand what you said and I now always selects a default value that I put in SelectLevelMenu, turned out is such a chain of actions:

Glad you got it sorted! Don’t forget to mark the correct answer to help others who come here from Google.