"Cast to" nodes in graphs

Basically, I’d like to know if it’s even possible to create these in the ADK. I’ve spent countless hours googling around and asking people about it, and nothing is working. The simply refuse to show up as an option to create.

For example, I’ve been trying to replicate the Allosaurus pack buff, and for that I need to change the graph to not cast to the original Allo_character_bp. I can copy-paste an already existing node no problem, but if there isn’t already a graph including the blueprint I want to use (like a custom one) it seems impossible.

This has been driving me crazy for months now, so any help is greatly appreciated!

Casting is context sensitive in UE4 aswell as the ADK. Drag from a reference pin and all the possible casts for that reference will show up as long as the “context sensitive” checkbox is checked. Nothing more to it really.

The thing is though, even cast to options that are already being used won’t show up. For example, if I where to delete said node from the Allosaurus blueprint, there’s no way for me to recreate it, even if it’s in the exact same spot in the grahp. I’m simply not given the option, either through draging from another node, creating it as is, with context sensitive checked or with it unchecked.

Do you know if there’s a way around this?

There is no way around that and you shouldn’t need one. My guess is that you are just rightlicking in the graph or not dragging from a valid reference pin so you are “out of context” for the cast nodes to show up. The correct pin on the Allo BP would be the “Array Element” output of the “ForEachLoop” node everywhere the cast was used originally. If it doesn’t show up in this case while context sensitive is checked there is something seriously going wrong in your editor.

Well, then it’s the “something seriously going wrong” part. Could it be because of some setting? I’ve tried both with and without “New Blueprint Menuing System”. I’ve also tried reinstalling the client, but it’s still the same.

If you don’t know, do you know anyone else who might be able to help?