Cast to map

Hey! Can I cast to another map in Level Blueprint?

Actually I want to update map with rewards collected in parent map. The next map will be accessible through pause menu.

Basically, OpenLevel. Unless you’re using level streaming, then LoadStreamLevel.

The only way to get one map to update factors in another is to pass the changes either through the save game or the game instance.

Okey I assume you want switch maps from pause menu? In your widget class of main menu first select your button from palette then go to graph by default

and add event on clicked, after that just choose open level and type your correct name of your next level. That’s all.

I’m assuming you’re talking about something like banjo-kazooie kinds of maps and displaying items for each area here. If that’s the case, you want to actually store those things in arrays in something like game instance or game mode and then call for them when you build the pause menu like get game instance > cast to gameinstance or get game mode > cast to game mode and then get the variables and fill them into the widget map.

Hope that’s helpful.

Thank you! I think I need to work on game instance.

Thank you! I’ll work on it.