Cast to map

Hello everyone! At first, sorry for my english, it’s not natime for me, I hope you can understand my questions.

I’m just learning UE and make just a little game from fp example map.
In “first person example map” bp I create pause logic which report you about what’s happend in print string (paused, resume) after you press a key. So, it’s work fine. Now I wanna to report this “paused, resume” to player in widget. And what I see, I cannot cast to FirstPersonExampleMap to get variables from it, just cannot find Map in menu to cast on it in event graph of my widged. How can I get variable from Map?

And another question is: in “FirstPersonGameMode” key inputs didn’t work. Like this logic from screenshot. Key inputs work only in Map eventgraph.

Thanks advance.

Would pressing the “pause” button on the keyboard be sufficient for pausing the game, or does pausing need to pause just the game world (ie, allowing camera movement and player interaction?)

Need to pause the game, so it work good now. Question is about how to cast to map to get variables from it.