Cast to game instance blueprint not working


I am super new to UE4 I have started a game project to help me learn each part of it and have got a little stuck. I have trawled the net but come up blank with what I am doing wrong here.

I am trying to create a basic save function so that when I change level the char stats that have been selected stay ie. Player current/max health, current/max mana (floats) and other things like player level and breed. For the breed once this is selected I am only changing the scaling of the mesh and the mesh (skin). (basic I know)

My plan is to store this info in the Thirdpersonchar blueprint as a float. I will then save it the the Game instance blueprint as the player leaves the level and reload it when the next level loads. This means I have data in the Thirdpersonchar blueprint (Current stats not saved) data in the Game instance blueprint (copies of the Thirdpersonchar data saved when leaving a level and loaded when joining the next level) and I am trying to put this together from the level blueprint (where the code below is stored) so I can have a trigger box that the player has to pass through in order to leave the level this is where the code in the picture is placed and supposed to be saving the data.

From what I can see with my super limited debugging (right clicking the floats in the blueprint and showing value in the Game instance blueprint) The floats are not being updated I think it is to do with the “Cast to” I think I have messed it up.

Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

If you want to use a custom game instance, you need to set it in the project settings:


I actually did that but it seemed to have not saved. Thankyou Problem solved.