Cast to fails sometimes, but not always

Its a big blueprint, but i cannot find the variable that keeps this from firing sometimes, but not always.

The script is supposed to allow me to drop ammo onto another actor(the ammobin). Im getting a promt on screen that the proper collision is there. But sometimes I have to walk away and back into the object before it will fire on my keypress.

Glitch or can anyone see anything wrong here? Im very new to this. Any help or feedback on script would be helpfull.

The problem is that your input object is Invalid. You can see it, if its valid by checking its value with the IsValid node.

You are using the objects From the Actor Begin Overlap event which is not stored there for ever.


You have to save the other actor into a variable.

Okay, that makes sense, how would i go about saving other actor into a variable??

I belive i have it figured out now, thanks a bunch man!