Cast to Enemy AI object needed for HUD cast

Hi. I’ve tried searching on here and Google but I’m stuck with this Cast.

What I’m trying to achieve:

Displaying the Enemy’s health above them via an EnemyHUD widget.

What’s Going Wrong:

The cast is failing. I’m not sure what needs to go into the Object input. I have the same set up working for my player character and for them I’m using “Get Player Character”. I’ve tried various other Gets like Get AI etc. Have a bit of a gap in my knowledge about this Object stuff since logically (for me) you should just need the Cast to Node here.
I’m basically trying to get the EnemyHealth Int Var from my EnemyCharacterBP.

OK I haven’t got time to test this right now but I think I’ve got it fixed. I plugged in “Get Actors By Class” and selected my EnemyCharBP with get array zero node. The Enemy Health bars appear now though I’m not sure if they’ll be working per instance yet.


So this is half fixed now but my fears were correct - I’m having to get a specific actor by array reference and not the currently hit actor.