Cast to dose not work

Player Score seems to be of type HUD, so you would need the reference of HUD, which is under Player Controller. You were pretty close actually. You just needed to Get HUD from Player Controller:

it dose not work why

Is your Player_Score_HUD actually a HUD class or UMG Widget?


You’re killing me smalls.

To create UMG widgets and have them appear follow this [UMG Guide][1]
OnBeginOverlap: Create Widget, Set It, Add to Viewport.

On EndOverLap: you can Remove From Parent.

To Cast to UMG Widgets: Super Lazy Way:

But the better way is to find that Widget Reference, wherever you created it and using that. So let’s say you created it inside your PlayerCharacter…like in here that I just did:

Next, you go to your CoinBP:

Change Pawn to Character or wherever it is located at.