Cast to Custom GameInstance Works in Viewport/Simulation, Fails in Package/Standalone

I have a starting screen that immediately upon load (after a .2s delay to allow everything to instantiate) calls the game instance class to pull calendar data and modify the UI using that data.

When I simulate or play in editor, everything works fine; the UI’s OnConstruction event casts the current game instance to my custom instance and uses the variables to populate the calendar.

When I play in standalone or package and run the binary, the UI’s OnConstruction event fails to cast the current game instance, and since the calendar is generated dynamically by the data in the game instance object, the UI does nothing and the game is softlocked.

I’m unclear why it would have different behaviors in different modes. I have set my custom GameInstance in settings/modes. Any help is appreciated.

This behavior was caused by a bug in the engine where moving the GameInstance object between project directories was not properly updated in the .ini. In play modes where the default objects are loaded through the ini (standalone, packaged), the GameInstance would obviously not load.