Cast to Custom GameInstance works in editor, not in standalone

I have a weird issue with a UMG widget I populate using data from my gameinstance object.

I have a starting screen level that immediately upon load (after a .2s delay to allow everything to instantiate) calls the game instance class to pull calendar data and modify the UI using that data. (Attachments 1,2)

The construction script for the widget grabs default object values from the gameinstance (which has been set as the gameinstance object in project settings), parses it, and modifies the UI. This involves a getGameInstance and a cast to my custom GameInstance (IE_Instance). When played in the editor or simulated, it works. (Attachment 3).

When I build the project or run it in standalone mode, suddenly the cast fails, despite succeeding when played in editor or simulated. (Attachment 4).

I’m at a loss and this is a bit of a showstopper. Is there something I am missing? Did I break some blueprint rules? Is this a bug?

Any help is appreciated.

Hey having the same issue did you find a fix?

I keep having the same issue and I didn’t find any fix. Any help?