Cast to Character after simulate physics is enabled

Hey everyone, so I’m trying to add impulse on a character when they overlap a box, overlapping this box also sets them to simulate physics and set collision to Query and Physics. It works fine the first time however after the second, the box can’t find the player overlapping. Is there anyway to be able to repeatedly cast to it with physics enabled or any solutions? Any help is appreciated and I’ll be able to give reference images if needed.

How have you Set the collission settings and Channels of the Box and your actor? Please Post two Screenshots

Yea so here are the collisions and also the blueprints for what happens when the overlap actually happens.

(The image with object type set to pawn is the character)


Not the ideal solution but it could be a timing issue. try to add a delay of, say, 1 second before. I’ve seen collision failing after added impulse due to that.

Hey lootheo, I can’t really see where I would put in a delay but I need it to be precise so as soon as the player touches the box, the player goes rag doll and impulse. I’ve done some print strings and the overlap just won’t go off after the rag doll. I should also mention, I have a system to constantly teleport the players collision capsule to it’s mesh when it’s in rag doll because of a camera system I have. Could that be the issue?