cast to (bp_name) node?!


a kind user gave me a hint to a problem i have but i cant figure out how to create a “cast to node”.

Any ideads?

What i try to do:


you can drag off the data pin(object is always a blue pin) and type “Cast to [your bp name]”, it should show up.

i tried that too, the only “cast to” showing up is the “cast to player controller”. My Blueprint i want to talk to contains the light toggle event and is called “Light” (see top)

Light array its actor array right?

if change that array to something more specific like “Light”…

Maybe this will help:

What type is the ‘Array Element’ pin? It should already be a Light if your array is of type Light.

At this moment its “Actor”. Should i use Light? LightComponent? Spotlight or SpotlightComponent?

The lights i use would be a mix of point light and spot light.

With the change to “SpotLight” i was able to drag the cast to wire out. But the cast is failing, the “fail” shows up 3 times (3 lights) Here are the 2 BPs. I cant really figure out why…

Try this :wink:

Edit: After talking to Hazzard on skype I found he needed something different than just a blanket switch. So I made this for him if anyone wants it. Its just a switch in the form of a trigger volume, that can set a unique ID for itself and the light. Very least has exposed variables to modify light brightness and colors.