Cast PlayerCharacter non existent

I tried to redo the Blueprint QuickShot 2 Blueprint Pickup tutorial, but the ‘‘cast to playercharacter’’ doesn’t seem to show up?

I’m i doing something wrong ?

For casts to show up, you have to have “Context sensitive” checkbox ticked.

Try “Cast to Character” instead. That works fine for me. My problem was the speed was a tad slow, so I doubled it haha.

I’m can only guess he had a BluePrint made for his Character Class. So that could be the reason for his “Cast to PlayerCharacter_C”.


Thanks for pointing this out, we are currently looking into this more.

As a workaround, if you create a new project and use the Third Person Blueprint template (or other character templates), you should be able to follow along and use “Cast to Character” node instead of ‘Cast to PlayerCharacter’ and you’ll be able to continue as the video suggests.



Yap, it working if i start with the third person blueprint template.