Cast from widget to player character fail


Can anyone tell me pls what is wrong here ? i just want a simple cast from widget to player character that will respawn once i click the button of that widget and the cast is just failing .



i’m stuck here since many hours and tired from searching , BTW its under 4.10

i will be thankful for anyone who can tell me what is wrong here .

If you open an entire new level, it will not carry on information fomr the earlier level. So if you execute a list of events, the ones after it opens will not execute. You will have to run this with a new event in the nev level instead. If you need to transfer variables, look into “Game Instance” as this transfers data between levels :slight_smile:

Yeah i thought about it yesterday before i go to sleep :slight_smile: i fixed it by sending the event to game instance and once the level load it get the variable from game instance , thanks mate .

No probs :slight_smile: Good you got it working :slight_smile: