Cast fails to a duplicate of a bluprint it succeds too

Different Blueprints are different Classes, a cast will only work if you are casting an actor to the class that matches that actor’s class (Or casting to a class the actor inherits from).

So, you can’t cast your Player Character to Malaia unless your Player Character is of that class. If you want your character to be Malaia, you can set it as your default pawn class in your Game Mode. Or, place an Malaia actor in your level and set it to autoposses player 0.

I duplicated the “third person character” blueprint. Then all I did was change the name of the duplicate. Whenever I cast to Third person blueprint i connect get player character to the object and the cast always work. whenever I do the exact same process with the duplicate it fails to cast. Any ideas why?

Then what could I connect to object for malaia besides getplayer character to make it work?

It depends what you are trying to do there, what are you trying to do? Is Malaia your character or an enemy or what?

Well, there’s a few ways of doing that. The easiest way would just be to have a float variable in the MaliaBasicAttack blueprint which holds the damage though. This way you don’t need a reference to Malia.

Another way to get the damage amount without an object reference, would be to add a Class reference variable to malaia, in MaliaBasicAttack. To do that, go to add Variable, call it MalaiaClass or whatever. Then in Variable Type in the details panel search for malaia in the list, and select “Class Reference”. If you drag the MalaiaClass variable onto the graph, drag off from it and type “Get Class Defaults”, you will get a node which has the damage float variable on it. This will always contain the default value though. So if it changes during the game, it won’t update here.

Otherwise you will need an object reference. How you should get an object reference will depend on where/how you are creating the Attack blueprint in game though. If you are spawning the attack blueprint from within the malaia blueprint, you could add a damage float in the attack blueprint and check “Expose on spawn”. Then plug in the malaia’s damage float any time you spawn an attack blueprint.

The blueprint would be a overlay blueprint placed on her hands so whenever she overlaps any other actor it does damage. so it needs to pull the "malaia AD damage float from her main character blueprint to go into the damage slot in “apply damage” thats why I need to be able to pull the float variable from her main blueprint.