Cast failed in animation event graph? (Object Reference error)

I have variables stored in my vehicle BP, i want to access those variables from my Vehicle Animation Instance BP via Cast. But
I my cast keeps failing due to a reference error. I’ve tried “Try Pawn Owner” , “Get Player Controller”… etc but they
all fail no matter what! Is there something i’m missing?

I am assuming this is still outstanding as its crashing on mine 4.8

I have the same issue. Animation BP event graph, cast fail to MyCharacter. Other post suggest “Get Anim Instance” but that also doesn’t work.

this is the solution. shared by Moderator @Nawrot

Easiest way (not most efficient) is to pass variables trough player pawn or player controller, because about everything can get their reference and can cast to it.
When you get that working you probably undestand idea of casting and you will extend that to other blueprints.

So in player controller create variable “grab_this” make it visible (small eye icon).
In blueprint you choose create nodes: “get player controller” > cast to “your player controller class name”
Then as player controller get value of “grab_this”

You have most basic communication.

That accessed none error is when you have invalid reference, you need to have it pointing to some actor in level.
To get pointers to some blueprint (that must be placed in level!) do:
Get all actors of class “BP_MasterSystem”, result is array. Get element 0 from that array and you have valid reference.