Cast blueprint actor in ChildActorComponent makes extra duplicates

So, when adding ChildActorComponent, and casting it’s actor(which by default getActor returns base “Actor” object, and then cast to the blueprinted Actor assigned in component tab. The blueprinted Actor have a play animation interface implemented.

If in level blueprint, when I use getAllActorsOfClass, and then loop through them to call play animation, everything works fine. But if I then use a event to drive this container to getChildActor1->getActor->cast to blueprinted Actor->play animation. Then in play session, it creates a temporary Actor of that child actor class(blue ones), which overlay on top of original actors.

Check when started play, there are 7 temporary actor(3 are dynamically generated, they are correct.)

Showing bug here by drive event that only play animation on one of the childActorComponent.

Here is how I drive only one childActorComponent

Thanks for the report and screens. Would it be possible to post your Blueprint .uasset as well so that I may load it up and take a look at what’s going on?


sure thing, here are the 2 uasset.
rotateMeshActor is just a actor that rotates and scale it’s staticmesh.
and staticLineOfObject is just actor that have 4 ChildActorComponent points to rotateMeshActor.

link text

was this resolved? I have a very basic blueprint (sphere component with a mesh component under it) that is added as a child actor of another blueprint and Im getting double actor spawn as well when play starts…and Im doing zero scripting (casting like you) on within the parent blueprint.

Nope, unfortunately this is not yet solved.(I saw another person posted a thread and also filed a bug report like this one.)

I believe this is fixed now. You can see the change at

I’m still currently experiencing this problem using version 4.9.2

Performing a cast to on a Child Actor component creates a duplicate, the duplicate doesn’t appear in the World Outliner at runtime and is only visible to Clients.

It seems to appears again, my characters have guns attached and casted, and they are duplicated, the server has only the original, but all clients have duplicated childs of all clients. The duplicated child doesn’t have owner but is attached like the original. I’m using 4.10.1 build from sources …

Hi, the fix above was not for multiplayer games. What you’re seeing is likely caused by an entirely separate issue. Please open a new post with as many details as you can provide, including screenshots of the blueprint graphs and logs from both server and client. Thanks!