Cast aura

First of all im still learning the base ,i’m a noob and i assumed it :stuck_out_tongue: I want to make an aura activate when player cross a sphere collision but all i’m able to do right now its to cast a particle system that stay static when player cross that sphere …anyone could help me to make that particle system stick to the player ? Took a look at a lot of tutorial but im not sure witch way to go now .Hope some of you got time to help a noob out ,thx in advance !

Use the attach to actor node. Or attach to component.

Thx I’m giving a try right now at those but actually did not manage to make it work yet .Not sure where to place exactly right after the sphere trigger or after the spawn or thats not important at all ?

Trying to find an exemple how to plug in dont wanna work out here :frowning:

Thx for the help btw