Cast AActor to empty(none) error


I have a inventory class that is derived by a empty class(none) and a AActor that inherits from this class. But I want to cast from the actor to the inventory and I get compile errors like this: no sutable constructor exists from AActor to Inventory.

Maybe I’m casting wrong or I’m using the wrong function but I can’t figure out the solution, thought I hope someone can help.

Here is the source code:


The normal Cast doesn’t compile too:


Could It be that UE doesn’t support this option and I need to write my one cast function, but I don’t know how it works so I hope that someone shows me the right path.

Thanks a lot for every help and if my question was unclear or I didn’t provided enough information feel free to ask : )

UE4 is not supporting multiple inheritance. yes - it is very annoying, but we have to deal with that.

You can get around it using Interfaces, or components.

Thanks, but how does it works with components do you mean a actor as a component?

if you write ur custom component class, you can later add it to the actor, and use that component methods and data for ur logics.

for example instead classic C++ scenario:

class WheeledAircraft : public Aircraft, public Wheeled;

you would do

class WheeledAircraft : public Aircraft{
       MyWheelComponent* wheels;

notice! the last example is for logics, i don’t exactly remember how to add components via C++, it is a bit annoying syntax, so a bit of google on that will let you go.

good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks, I understand it now

no problem :slight_smile:

tell me if you have some problems with it, it is a very complex field and has almost no support / tutorials on it. i’ve gone trough some of that ■■■■ so i will be more than happy to lend a hand.