Cassie's Message: My UE5-Based Teaser For My Own Sci-Fi Show!

Super proud to finally show the first 10 minutes of “teaser” footage for the sci-fi show i’ve been working on in Unreal 5!
I’m about 70% of the way through animating and producing a full version of Episode 1 based in Unreal 5 and utilizing Metahumans. Feedback from friends, colleagues, and followers (The IP has existed since 2006 attempting to find a real home) was that i release a “teaser trailer” to drive some initial intrigue if possible for the full first episod.
As a child of the 90s, I remember buying a Voodoo2 GPU with a MASSIVE 12mb of GPU ram to play the original Unreal on my 486. It remains my favorite game of all time and if you were to tell the teenage version of myself then that decades later when i’m in my 40s that I would be using Unreal Engine to produce my own science-fiction series i would have immediately discounted you for insane.
But it’s happening, it’s really happening. Thanks to Epic for providing the means for artists to tell original stories and hopefully bring their own vision into reality!

Um… What? Ok so… breaking my back to produce art using UE5 and incredibly proud i can finally show the very first “teaser” for my film project, I immediately run to the largest Unreal 5 group that exists and i post the link with a one-paragraph description. It’s like 4am and i just want to sleep so i don’t post it to the other UE5 groups i’m in yet such as this one.
When i wake up the next day to see if it gained any traction and get back to work… I’m… Banned?
Are you serious?
Exactly what kind of human beings are running that group? No curse words. No political nonsense, literally just “Hey guys, here’s my film projefct in Unreal 5 i hope you like it, please leave feedback below!” and i wake up the next day to find an admin or mod has removed me from the group.
That’s… incredibly, incredibly disheartening. Like, borderline heartbreaking. There are something like what, 80K people in that group that forever will have no idea whatsoever i’m producing a full sci-fi series with Unreal 5? Artists REALLY need all the help they can get.
Well, i’m going to do the same thing here, and “whatever will be will be” i guess. If anyone here wants to be an incredibly amazing person, please feel free to post the link over there with a “why did this guy get banned after posting it” or something?
Here’s hoping this group isn’t…Um… Like that one?


Hello there @EthanCasner !

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with that group. I do not see why they took such action, but I can say that I thoroughly enjoy your teaser. I’m very curious the more I watch, especially as you showcase the other characters on the screen. I really love the micro movements the facial expression gives to match up with the tone the voice actress provides.

Is there a current expected release date for your show?

Thanks so much for your comment man!
I definitely think i can have episode 1 done and ready to publish within a month of right now. It’s only a matter of, some people are cursed with this “it can always be better” brain and i’ve always struggled to “call it done” but the fact is “it’s gonna happen, period”. Like you mentioned about the “micromovements in her face” and etc lol… See that’s exactly what fuels the need to “continuously refine your ■■■■” BECAUSE… Because there ARE indeed people out there (like yourself) who do actually notice “the small details” when you take the time to incorporate them XD
Again, thanks and if you follow my new youtube channel you’ll definitely know when it’s ready (or at least DONE lol)

Hi there @EthanCasner,

Hope you’re well!

Popping in to throw some more encouragement into this thread and maybe a few compliments. The facial animations are indeed impressive. The way she looks down awkwardly, her pauses after a joke, and the far off stare while she was “thinking” were all beautifully done elements. I look forward to seeing more of your show :smiley: Hope all the slogging through the facial expression animating feels a bit more worth it now that its all done!

Hey again @EthanCasner !

I do 3d work myself and I love searching for that kind of stuff personally because I love seeing the creativity and passion within it. I’ll certainly give your YouTube a follow because I’m eager to keep up to date with this one.

Watching the teaser again, I’m actually getting the same curiosity that I had when I watched Alien for the first time this past year so I’m thrilled to se more of your work.

As you continue your hard dedication remember to take breaks and don’t hurt yourself while working as hard as you are! Can’t have a fun project without you. :grin: :star_struck:

I really really appreciate both the encouragement and the compliments man thanks XD
That’s exactly what i’m attempting to convey; Those subtle touches always make a difference to me when i’m watching a show so i hope other people pick up on it as well!
Where will be moments of intense violence, all kinds of insanity going on but the parts i’m enjoying most are when two characters are siting against a wall just talking and you can see every nuance of their faces as they tell their stories and get to know one another.
Welp, gonna get back to it! Still trying to hash out episode 1 XD

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I really look forward to seeing episode one. Happy developing until then :smiley:

Very much appreciated my friend - That’s actually just what I’m going for in episode 1 (which cassie’s message takes place in the middle of) - A sense of total isolation and literal “encapsulation” within a claustrophobic environment. That terror and despair is meant as the catalyst for everything that comes after, showing that enemies can work together and become allies, that never giving up pays dividends and the power of the indomitable human spirit.
Unlike the vast majority of post-modern ■■■■■■■■ out there that says “there’s no point to anything - life is crap, you are crap, the end” this show breaks you down through suffering and despair only to build you back up knowing the value of adversity as a key tool in creating strong beings, and that being human isn’t a curse; it means being a part of the strongest, toughest, most brilliant beings this galaxy has produced.

I think its a awesome way to format the story. Intense Suspense. Kind of like how Buried (2010 Ryan Renolds) was directed.

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