Cascading Widget Editing

Hi peeps.

I have a game with game with +20 mensu, all containing even more buttons in total.
Instead of going UE4 default button style, i would like to create my own, with custom changeable interface colors, mouseover animations, and color change when clicked upon.

However, (as my current knowledge tells me) for each button, i have to create a unique OnCliked, OnHovered, OnUnhovered action for each button, not mentioning the acutal animation that plays.
This seems lige a HUGE repetitive task, and in case i want to change anything, i have to change it seperately for each button.

I can spare some of these if the button is copied in a scroll box, but is there a faster way to do this for those unique menu buttons.

Dream scenario is i can create a macro, toss it in a library, and it does something like pr. tick it checks the item below the cursor and if it’s a button, it then applies the chosen color, and plays an animation that can be used by all buttons?

Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: