Cascading Shadow Distances


My game takes place quite far away from the camera, in some cases the camera is 800m (80000 units) away from the action with a really tight FOV (11 deg, a sensor size on a regular camera would be handy in such cases, BTW) and the camera is normally ~15m (~1500 units) away during regular play, this plays havok with shadow detail.

I’m not aiming at specs high enough for Virtual Shadow Maps (my PC can’t even run them >20FPS), so the best option for me (probably) is adjusting the shadow cascade distances, the starting distance specifically. Is there a way to do this that doesn’t require modification of the engine itself? I’m not afraid of a little C++, so doing this through some static functions or a plugin would be ideal, but engine mods are a bit much right now.

Is fixing this actually possible without touching cascade distances?

Any suggestions?


No? Also, why avoid touching shadow distance? (Avoid virtual shadow maps though, raytracing is more performant)